We provide our services in Italy and internationally.

What we offer

  • Technical consultancy with development projects, and the best solutions related
  • Tips and solutions for interior and exterior luxury products
  • Consulting for selection and use of materials
  • Ratings for materials processing, utilization and their context
  • Reliefs on the site

Our target

  • Companies, suppliers of natural materials, marble and stones
  • Studies of engineering, and architecture
  • Homebuilders
  • Resales of building materials
  • Private 

Why choose us

  • We provide a complete service from relief of work at the construction site, drawings for solutions, detailed quotes and reliable, and execution of the work in fast times
  • Issuing certificates of excellence of the material
  • Solutions regarding the possible transport of the material in the construction site 

Marble and natural stones

  • We provide all kinds of marble, and other types of natural stone (raw or manufactured and ready for installation)
  • We supply both wholesale and retail levels, raw material and material processed according to client
  • We have a wide range of Italian and international marbles

We are specialized in restructuring and the installation and realization of stone furnishings, ensuring a precise measurement of processing and professional taking care of all with maximum precision


  • fireplaces
  • kitchen surfaces (stone, marble, granite)
  • columns
  • capitals
  • swimming pools
  • bathtubs
  • washbasins
  • shower plates
  • tiles and baseboards
  • architectural details
  • coverings, flooring and surfaces (stone, marble)
  • arches and portals


  • floorings
  • coverings
  • street furniture
  • paving
  • creasings
  • flounces water cut
  • contours windows
  • portals
  • contoured ledges
  • balusters with small turned columns
  • statues
  • fountains for gardens and squares

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